I’m a college dropout who has been trying to deal with anxiety and depression.  I’ve been writing poetry since college, while also trying to get my life on course.  I’ve been through many different medications, which occasionally influence my writing.

I love the English language:  Its modern usage; the history of the language; and all of the different influences in it.  But i see it as a workhorse.  A means to communicate an idea on the page.

I also collect typewriters, and have started using them for the majority of my writing.  I have over 2 dozen in working order now…



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, J. Love the layout, it is like having a book before you, where you can scan, and be caught by what the mood dictates, without all this clicky clicky 😉 Very nice! Simple. And doesn’t detract from the work.

    Hey, at least you made it to college 😉 Keep writing, my friend.

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